1. It’s expensive.
  2. The locals are amazing.
  3. You will become addicted to Papaya.
  4. There are only two seasons here, wet and dry.
  5. Everybody speaks English.
  6. Trits are the best ice cream in the world.
  7. You don’t need a car to live here.
  8. The bus system is amazing.
  9. If you do have a car, you will pay a TON for repairs.
  10. Many of the expats are functioning alcoholics.

  11. Just because you drink 7 times a week does not make you an alcoholic.
  12. If you’re reading this and living in Costa Rica and wondering if you’re an alcoholic, yes, you are.
  13. The sunsets here are better than anywhere in the world.
  14. The only time that matters is happy hour.
  15. You can find your friends based on their favorite bar.
  16. The honeymoon period with Costa Rica lasts approximately 6 weeks.
  17. After this time you will begin to say Pura Vida as if it were the F bomb.
  18. If you can make it past the 1 year mark living in Costa Rica you’re good for another 8 at least.
  19. Pipas are 500 colones for locals. Pay any more and you’re getting ripped off.
  20. You’re not really an established expat until you have your own pipa guy.
  21. Imperial Silver is a copy of Corona, just cheaper.
  22. Guaro is dangerous.
  23. Nobody really knows the exact meaning of Pura Vida
  24. Pura Vida is a band aid word. You use it to fix things that don’t work in Costa Rica.
  25. Ticos are never on time.
  26. Gringo is not actually a bad word, it’s a term of endearment.
  27. Even if you’re not from the United States, you’re still a Gringo.
  28. Tip is always included.
  29. Service is slow here. (See #28)
  30. The roads aren’t actually that bad.
  31. The drivers are bad.
  32. Sloths are awesome.
  33. Howler Monkeys can become annoying if you live close to them.
  34. Iguanas are the cat sized lizards you see running around.
  35. The skinniest cows live in Costa Rica.
  36. If you don’t own a dog you will be in the minority.
  37. The Monteverde “Cloud Forest” is just a clever marketing term for fog.
  38. The hot springs in Arenal are worth the visit.
  39. San Jose is the armpit of Costa Rica (Except for Plaza Escazu)
  40. There are more Canadians living here than in Canada.
  41. The bills here look like Monopoly money.
  42. The coins look like Pirate treasure.
  43. Nobody has change, so don’t expect your $20 to get broken.
  44. It really is the happiest place on earth.
  45. Pura Vida

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