They say that Costa Rica is home to the happiest people on earth. That’s true, but part of the reason the people here are so happy is because man’s best friend is happy as well!

Costa Rica is a dog lover’s paradise.

Unlike in the United States, your dog can roam wild and free. Every time you go to the beach in Costa Rica you’ll see people walking their dogs.

Dogs are even welcome in most restaurants and bars.

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Also, if you move to Costa Rica without a dog, don’t worry!

There are plenty of strays that need a good home and a human to snuggle up to on the beach.

If you’re living in Costa Rica and don’t own a dog, you’re in the minority!

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Even the dogs in Costa Rica that don’t have a home are well taken care of.

Just check out this video of a shelter in Costa Rica where you can run with over 900 dogs in an open field!

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