Te quiero mucho…mucho, mucho, mucho.

I hear this every morning and night from my Tico boyfriend.

I’m sure many people think that having a Tico boyfriend is a life of passion and Latin love.

Don’t get me wrong, it is, but it’s also so much more than that.

I met Freiser in January of last year and we have officially been together a year now.  We survived many months of being in a long distance relationship and have had a lot of fun times, as well as some not so fun times.

There are many different types of Ticos.  Mine happens to be the board short wearing, head full of rastas, work on the beach kind that rents boards and gives surf lessons.  I love to watch him teach a surf lesson, for whatever reason, it’s quite sexy.


I have compiled a list of the top five reasons I love my Tico and why I think they make the best boyfriends:

  1. You have an instant community of friends.  One great thing about dating a Tico is that even though tourists and other people come and go, especially in a tourist town, your boyfriend’s friend base is your instant friend base.  They have girlfriends and wives that all become your friends and give you the sense of community you left behind.
  1. I always know where the party is at.  Not just the club parties, but the real party that gets you the real local experience.  Liga vs. Sapprissa anyone?
  1. The best food. The first time I came to Tamarindo with my dad we ate at all the bigger restaurants.  Since then, Freiser has introduced me to the best of the best when it comes to local cuisine, eating on the beach and rare finds in Villa Real and more.  I’m literally dreaming every week about the fried chicken and empanadas in Villa Real that we buy.
  1. I have learned what Pura Vida really means. You can adopt this mentality, but learning and living it with a local is an experience all in itself.  When the ants come marching into our apartment…Freiser’s response is, “Tranquila mi amor, en cual quier momento se van.” He has taught this self proclaimed control freak to literally chill out and enjoy the ride.  Something I was in dire need to learn.  It’s still a challenge, and causes many a heated argument, but I see the beauty in this way of life and am starting to embrace it.
  1. Love, amor, however you want to put it, being someone’s everything feels pretty awesome. One of my girlfriends here told me that when she looks in her Tico man’s eyes, she can see right into his soul.  Being with a Tico brings with it passion, fire and a love you wouldn’t understand until you were in it for yourself.

This last year has been one wild ride, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  To follow Freiser and my tales as we navigate our life together check out my blog: The Wanderlust Diaries.

Pura Vida!

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