Most people in Tamarindo (tourists and locals alike) only drink on days that end in “y”.

But what if drinking pina coladas on the beach and Imperials every night at Sharky’s isn’t your thing?

Fear not, you CAN stay sober in a party town like Tamarindo. Here’s your step by step guide.

Step 1: The dawn patrol is your best friend

Set your alarm for 5:00am and be one of  the first people on the beach for a morning surf or yoga session. I remember leaving at 3:45am for a trip to Witch’s Rock and Ollies Point and looking down the street to see people stumbling drunk out of Pacifico after a rowdy Reggae Night. By getting up early to surf you not only get the least crowded waves of the day, you give yourself an excuse not to get wasted the night before. And if you’re up at the crack of dawn chances are you will be in bed at a reasonable hour.

Step 2: Find like-minded company

During my first month here I met a ton of people who don’t drink. In a party town like Tamarindo, it’s easy to find friends who either abstain from alcohol or drink in moderation. It’s impossible to stay sane in a town like Tamarindo if you go out every night and drink. You’ll find plenty of locals here who can help you stay sober.

Step 3: Order smoothies instead of shots

Costa Rica is known the world over for its amazing selection of exotic fruits. Instead of getting shots, order smoothies. They’re cheaper, better for your health, and nobody ever died from a smoothie overdose.

Step 4: Go out at night

Just because you don’t drink does not mean you can’t go out at night. We all know how annoying it is to be the only sober one at a party, but if you followed through with step 2 you’ll have no shortage of friends to go out at night. Plus, singing karaoke sober is a feat that not many people are able to accomplish.

If you have any more tips put them in the comment section below.

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