A short trip or vacation to Costa Rica is unlike any other. You may leave Costa Rica, but the country never leaves you. You never return to your home country the same no matter if you visited Costa Rica for 1 week or 1 year. Here are 5 ways Costa Rica never leaves you.

1. The People

Ticos are some of the most friendly people on earth. They treat you as if they were your brother, sister, mother or father. You’ll never forget the deep kindness and care they show you here.

2. The Land

Waterfalls, rivers, beaches, and mountains. Nothing compares to the land in this country that literally means “rich coast”. There’s a good reason people return year after year.

3. The Food

You never forget the first time you at a Trits or had a Casado at one of the many Sodas in Costa Rica. Some say taste is the strongest memory.

4. The Air

Your lungs have never been cleaner than after a visit to Costa Rica. The sea salt air of the beach and the misty cloud forest vapor of the mountains cleanse you from inside.

5. Pura Vida

When you go back to your home country, you remember the things that truly matter. Friends, Family, time to unwind, time to relax. Priorities replace the non-important.

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