We all know about Tom Brady’s house in Costa Rica, but here are 5 celebrities with homes in Costa Rica you might not have known about.

Harrison Ford

We can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that he owns a home in Playa Langosta, but the road did just get paved right? The force is strong!

Chuck Norris

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Those earthquakes in Costa Rica you hear about? That’s just Chuck Norris getting up to make his coffee in the mornings. You can see some of his home here.

Britney Spears

Oh Baby, Baby! When she’s not singing, Britney loves the beaches of Costa Rica, and even riding 4 wheelers down the coast.

Andre Agassi

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He and his wife Steffi Graf have a sports and vacation club near Playas del Cocos. Agassi grew up in Las Vegas so he’s used to the heat down here.

Mel Gibson

Well, maybe not for long. His home is currently on the market for $30 million.

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