I am not a practitioner of yoga mainly because I think it’s a bit creepy when there’s only one guy in a yoga class full of women. BUT, I do appreciate women who practice yoga and think that it’s a huge plus when considering to date a girl. Without further ado, presenting the top 5 reasons to date a girl who practices yoga.

Less Drama

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.18.20 AM

Yoga is all about releasing stress and “finding balance” which equals less drama in your relationship. Namaste to that!

Stronger immune system

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.16.24 AM

Nothing worse than dating a girl who’s always sick! Yoga is exercise and exercise helps you stay healthy!

Healthy habits

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.16.56 AM

You won’t find any cheetos at a Yoga girl’s apartment. Hey, you might even end up eating a healthier diet once you date a yoga girl!

She lives in the moment

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.15.45 AM

Yoga teaches you mindfulness and to live in the moment. A much needed trait when so many girls have a selfie stick glued to their hand!


Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.17.52 AM

No explanation needed here.

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