Costa Rica is such an amazing country that many people buy a one-way ticket in with no plans to leave. We don’t blame you! But, the officers and customs and immigration have a different idea about your one way trip to paradise.

Costa Rica requires that you have proof of onward travel leaving Costa Rica to another country.

Here are 5 simple tips for making sure you reach paradise a.k.a. Costa Rica

  1. The proof of onward travel is required when you check in for your flight from your home country, so make sure you have a ticket either on your phone or printed.
  2. Most U.S. based airlines will refund an airline ticket within 24 hours (So if you’re at the airport departing to Costa Rica and don’t have proof of onward travel, buy a flight leaving Costa Rica, then cancel it within 24 hours and you’ll get all your money back.)
  3. Make sure the onward travel ticket leaves Costa Rica somewhere between 80-89 days from when you land in Costa Rica so you get the full 90 day travel visa upon arrival.
  4. Don’t waste your time buying Costa Rica bus tickets online for proof of onward travel. Tip #2 is a cheaper and easier alternative.
  5. The maximum visa for tourists is 90 days, so keep this in mind when planning your proof of onward travel tickets for Costa Rica.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a headache free time at the airport and customs.

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