Do you remember the old school coupon books that people would sell back in the day?? I used to LOVE those. Free soda with a slice of pizza, free coffee with breakfast, 10% dry cleaning. The list was endless. 

Hook’d brings you that again, on a virtual level with AMAZING deals. Fancy a free wine with dinner? Discounted surf lessons? Care to save a few bucks on transportation? 20% off massages anyone? The list goes on and there’s a deal for everyone. 

The memberships are great value for what you get in return. They range from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. After you purchase you get your Hook’d passport emailed to you. 

On the website they have the deal directory ready to download. To receive your deals and discounts, show your Hook’d passport BEFORE you book or place your order. Doesn’t get much easier than that!!

So let’s learn a little bit more about them.

Who we are

We are a group of friends living in Costa Rica who want to help develop better tourism while educating people to protect nature and animals.

What we do 

We seek to support all Costa Rican business by helping them promote and connect with our members. Members receive 100’s of special discounts and deals for as low as $28 for a 1 month pass!

Why we care

We use part of our profits for ecological protection and conservation efforts like building Monkey Bridges, so everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica for years to come.

So that’s Hook’d in a nutshell folks! To us it’s a no-brainer. We are officially hooked on Hook’d and received our passports last week. Ready to attack all of the membership deals by storm!

Sign up here!!!!


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