So Christmas is done. New Years eve is a fading memory and whats left over for January? Some cold miserable weather and warm clothes! Well, heres to tropical climates and you can get there for less than $500 round trip!! So whether it’s the beaches and surf or the parties of Tamarindo or in general the Pura Vida of Guanacaste you are in luck…

Houston to Liberia is a common flight path. Not the quickest flight plan but still a solid entry to start us off! We don’t normally recommend flying on a Sunday but if you do this is the one to get!

Ok, I know, this one is over $500. BUT, its direct from JFK and we know how you New Yorkers love Costa Rica. Especially in the winter… Nice flight plan getting you here just in time for the weekend.

This is one of the best flights on the list. We know you guys in Canada get the heavy winter weather so now theres no excuse to not come and enjoy the beaches and wildlife Costa Rica offers at a cut price.

Keeping it West coast with this one. All the way down the Pacific coast, direct non stop and less than $500. Bring the Cali vibes to the land of Pura Vida. 

Now for the East coast massive to get involved. Heres a few options to get you into the sunshine. One stop but affordable and with a nice enough set off/landing time.


All flights and prices were correct and available at the time of writing. Source; Google Flights.


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