Traveling is beautiful, spectacular, inspirational, and glorious.

It’s also hard sometimes. Frankly, sometimes it can be downright gross.

Don’t believe me? Last month, my boyfriend and I were in Nicaragua, and I accidentally stepped on a dead gecko. Guts all over my foot. Instead of making my way to the bathroom to calmly clean my food, I freaked out and screamed for my boyfriend to clean it for me.

Cleaning dead gecko guts off your girlfriend’s foot = true love.

Before you become too swoony over that romantic story, let me tell you: traveling with your significant other is an “experience.“

  • You spend an unusual amount of time together, and everyone knows that too much time together brings you to thoughts of strangulation closer.
  • You’re thrown into many awkward, scary, or difficult situations that you’d normally never be in together. Unless you both have the patience of Job, this can often lead to eye rolls, petty arguments, and seeing each other’s “not so pleasant” sides.
  • Gross things just happen when you travel that remind us we really are awfully close to the animals. You are exposed to new foods and new water. This leads to bathroom issues in very close quarters. It’s inevitable.

Essentially, traveling with your partner is not always long romantic walks in the sunset (though those are priceless). So here are 5 things you need to do in order to travel with your partner and not kill each other. That would really dampen the wanderlust vibes, you know.

  1. Focus On Your Partner’s Strengths (Example: Bug Gut Removal Skills)

Travelling is ripe with opportunity to see your partner’s weaknesses. For example, I lose things when I travel. My boyfriend could focus on the fact that I recently lost the house keys before embarking on a trip while the shuttle was downstairs waiting for us to come down. He could also focus on how this made us miss the trip and lose the non-refundable payment.

OR, he could choose to remember my strengths. Like how I’m a cool writer who shares all of our greatest highlight relationship moments on the Internet.

Main takeaway: It’s all about perspective. Focus on the good.

  1. Find a Nice Way to Say, “You’re Bugging Me, Darling.”

Communication is key while traveling, and by communication I don’t mean “You’re !#*$)@*% driving me the !)@%$*# crazy!” When your dear significant other has found his or her way on to every nerve on your body, find a way to communicate what you need or feel before it boils over.

Personal example: “Sweet boyfriend I love, I think we may not need to stop every 7 seconds to take a picture. Every 14 seconds should work just fine.”

  1. Embrace That Your Love is Human.

This is a hard one. We often like to think that our partners can do no wrong; others of us are over this phase, but like to think we deserve a partner who can do no wrong. Been there? The fact is our significant others will mess up, they will get sick, they will be gross. AND SO WILL WE.

The sooner we can accept that our love will be a flawed human on each and every single travel experience, the sooner we can get over unhelpful expectations and have fun!

  1. Be Okay With Separate Activities.

Depending on your traveling situation, you may be stuck joined together the entire time. But sometimes you can do a little adventuring on your own. I’m not much of a surfer (as in not at all), but my boyfriend is. I like yoga. We could each go about our own activities and meet up for drinks when we are done.

Never underestimate the power of alone time to remind you that you actually do really love and like this person you’re traveling with.

  1. Remember Why You’re Doing This.

We are finishing up a bit sappy, but this may be the most important point. The ability to travel with the person you love is a privilege and honor. Seeing all the things the world has to offer, experiencing incredible moments, and making new memories together are all treasured gifts.

When you’re at wits end, remind yourself to be grateful for how cool your life really is.

There you have it, traveling lovebirds. I know you love your sweetie just as much as I love mine, which means you don’t want to kill him or her while travelling. Good for you. But know this: if all else fails, at least remember the most disastrous and frustrating travel experience often make the best bar bragging stories!

Written by Taylor Duvall

Taylor DuVall is a blogger and freelance writer/editor. She is passionate about womanhood, creativity, travel, spirituality, and living the good life. She went back to college and majored in English even though people told her it was impractical. It was the best move she made. Taylor is a Las Vegas native with a wanderer’s heart. You’ll find her practicing yoga, strumming the guitar, reading late into the night, and consuming a sinful amount of chocolate in different countries around the world.

You can read more of Taylor’s writing at and follow her on twitter

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