Maybe you’re not a surfer and still want to be active at the beach, or maybe you’re reminded of your high school glory days every time you walk by the sand volleyball courts, or maybe you’re lured in by the hot athletic girls in bikinis. The beach volleyball temptation is real!

Whatever your reason for wanting to play and regardless your skill level, there are a few basics to know so you can hold your own on the courts.

Two is the magic number: Here we play 2 on 2. Not 3’s, not 4’s and definitely not 6’s – that’s right 2’s!

Rally score: Matches are played using rally score, meaning one point is earned on every serve.

– No tipping: There are two types of tips – the one where you are up at the net and lightly tip the ball over, and then there is the other where you give out your unsolicited volleyball advice “let me give you a tip here.” Both are a no go. The only tipping at the net that is allowed is with a closed hand. And save your advice for those who ask!

– Skip the set: No setting is allowed on the first touch of each play. If you do set the second ball for your teammate to hit, the ball cannot spin and make sure you don’t carry it. If you haven’t perfected it, stick with a standard pass for the “set.”

–  Hate the wait: With limited courts, it’s standard practice to let the next group waiting to play, hop in and take the court once you’ve finished your game.

If you’re looking to know more and really master the rules, visit the official beach volleyball site, FIVB for more details.

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