The popular Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl recently took delivery of a Boeing 737 jet that was delivered on Thursday to the Liberia International Airport.

The Beach & Pool Crawl is expanding operations from only once a week on Sunday afternoons to now offering a crawl on Wednesdays.

The Wednesday crawl will depart from Sharky’s terminal A and have 3 stops: Havana, Atlanta, New York City, then back to Sharky’s.

“With Cuba opening up to more tourism, more Americans and Canadians visiting┬áCosta Rica, along with the expansion of the Liberia airport, it was an easy decision. Plus, this is one of the few flights where public intoxication on a plane is not only allowed but encouraged,” says ‘Pool Crawl’ Pete, the owner of the Beach & Pool Crawl.

Tickets for the expanded Wednesday crawl start at $3,000 each and include a free shot in each city. Tickets are available at Coral Reef Surf Hostel, Tamarindo Backpackers, Tamarindo Hostel Resort, and Wild Panda Information Center.

Below is video of the new Beach & Pool Crawl jet taxiing at the Liberia International Airport:

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