After visiting the beautiful beaches of Tamarindo and surrounding areas you might be ready for an escape to cooler climates.

A trip to Monteverde is the perfect place to visit. Monteverde is known as a cloud forest thanks to the low lying clouds present all year.

A word of caution about driving to Monteverde from Tamarindo. The last 15 miles just before you reach Monteverde is extremely rough, dirt road.

Take a look at this video just to see how bad the last section of the road to Monteverde can be…

Getting to Monteverde by car

Like we mentioned before, download the Waze App to help navigate in Costa Rica.

From Tamarindo make your way to the Inter-American highway, a.k.a. Highway 1 and follow it until you get to  Route 606. Route 606 starts at a huge gas station called Rancho Grande. From this point Monteverde is only about an hour away.

How to get to Monteverde by Bus

Getting to Monteverde by bus from Tamarindo is a little more complicated than by private car.

First, take the public bus from Tamarindo to Liberia and then take any bus going south to Puntarenas or San Jose. Make sure to get off in La Irma which is an intersection where you take the bus for Monteverde.

Let the bus driver know you want to get off a La Irma. La Irma is just a bit south of Limonal and there’s a big Uno gas station there.

Another option is to take a shared shuttle through a provider like Interbus or Greyline. This option will cost around $65 and take 4.5 hours.

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