Costa Rica is different than the United States. That’s pretty obvious. If you’re planning on visiting the beaches of Costa Rica you wouldn’t pack a ski jacket. The same is true for apps on your phone.

So before you head down to the land of Pura Vida and Guaro make sure to download these 3 apps to make your trip run smoother.



This is THE app to make sure you have a great vacation. Think of TripAdvisor as the Yelp for activities, hotels, restaurants and anything related to tourism. In fact, Yelp does not exist in Costa Rica, so this app is the best way to read reviews, tips, and suggestions on everything you want to do on  your vacation.



Guess what. Most of Costa Rica does not have addresses. Your hotel might be located “50 meters north of the soccer field” (this is no joke). Waze is the best way to navigate the roads of Costa Rica. It will even warn you about potential speed traps! Waze is owned by Google, but is much better than Google Maps.

Magic Sea Weed


This app is a must for every surfer visiting Costa Rica. Tides, swell forecasts, and surf reports all at the touch of a button. The app even says what swell direction is best for certain breaks.


Uber is the easiest way to get a lift when you’re in the capitol city of San Jose. No more dealing with sketchy taxi drivers! Plus, it’s usually much cheaper than a taxi, and the cars are cleaner. With one touch of a button you can get picked up anywhere in San Jose, and you don’t have to deal with cash since Uber charges your credit card.

The Grint


This app is addicting if you are coming to Costa Rica to golf. Input your scores including putts, fairways and greens hit, and any hazards. The Grint even give you a free handicap index! This app will improve your game tremendously since it helps you to easily track where you are losing strokes.


Do you have any other apps you can’t do without when travelling Costa Rica? Leave them in the comments below.

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