Costa Rica is paradise, heaven on earth, but it’s a country with problems as well.

Some of the problems are easy to hide, others are easy to see, and unfortunately easy to smell as well.

You might even accidentally step in the #1 problem Costa Rica has right now, or worse, bathe in it.

If you called BS on this being the #1 problem in Costa Rica, you are correct.

Horse poop on the beach is the problem.

We used to hate low tide for just being a time when the surf wasn’t great, now it’s the time when horse shit land mines scatter far and wide across the beach.

It’s bad enough when owners don’t pick up after their dog’s poop on the beach, but it becomes an even bigger problem when hundreds of horses across Costa Rica’s beaches defecate on the #1 natural resource that brings tourists to the country.

You can pick up as many straws and trash on the beach as you’d like, but the real problem is the horse poop.

There’s a lot of talk about this problem but few solutions.

We can start the dialogue by coming up with a few here, and adding more in the comments.

  1. Refuse to sell horseback riding tours on the beach.
  2. Educate tourists about the problem with the horse tours on the beach.
  3. Remind the owners of these tours that it’s actually illegal to have these horse tours on the beach.
  4. Pick up the horse poo and throw it at the horse beach tour owners.
  5. Ok, maybe #4 is going a little too far, add your own ideas in the comments.

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