Costa Rica is not only a great destination for a family vacation, but it’s a great destination to raise a family. Costa Rica is full of expat families from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, etc…

Here are the 7 reasons why Costa Rica is the best place to raise kids:

Tons of schooling options

Just in the Guanacaste area alone there are over 8 private schools focusing on expat education, not to mention homeschooling is a great option here.

Less screen time

Costa Rica has some amazing wildlife and outdoor features. Your kids would probably rather surf than play Nintendo

You’re kids will become bilingual

It’s a fact that children pick up on languages quicker than adults. In no time your kids will become your personal translator.

Broader horizons

Living in a foreign country will open your children’s eyes to different cultures and ways of living.

Healthier lifestyle

Since imported foods are expensive in Costa Rica, you can tell your kids they have no choice but to eat the local avacados, bananas, and veggies grown locally.

Less expensive

The cost of living for a family of 4 can be significantly cheaper than living back in the states or Canada.


Costa Rica IS paradise, but it’s a completely different country and culture than what you’re used to. With that comes challenges that will only help your kids grow stronger.

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