Like many millennials I won’t skip out on awesome travels because I haven’t made my billions yet like Mark Zuckerburg. I’m definitely what you would call a cost-conscious traveler. However, where I’m not like most millennials, at least the ladies, is that I’m not a raging feminist, and it’s for one reason and one reason alone that I hold this view – FREE DRINKS!! That’s right, who wants equal rights when you can get free drinks. Before you totally hate on me, at least hear me out on my game plan – you might learn a thing or two.

The Basics:

  1.  Dress for success: You hear this all the time with interviews but the same goes for bars. Dress to the nines tailored to the environment but leave the heels at home or you’ll be mistaken for a “working girl.”
  2. No rings: Married or engaged – leave that ring at home!
  3. Hola amigo!: Everyone around town is pretty friendly and throws around the ol’ “hola” all the time but beat them to the punch and add in amigo and they may just think you are in fact amigos or on the verge of becoming that if they were to say…. buy you a drink.
  4. Pre-game: Let’s be honest, a dull personality never earns a free drink, so have a drink or two at your hostel with your girls before heading out to make sure you’re charming and bringing good vibes.
  5. The wink: The old school wink across the bar never fails.

Your weekly plan:

Monday: Sharky’s kicks off the week with Ladies’ Night, where chicas get free drinks from 10 to 1 a.m. AND they have champagne!!

Tuesday: Head over to El Garito for Ladies’ Night, where girls get free drinks from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Wednesday: Pacifico Bar holds Ladies’ Night every Wednesday – free drinks after 10 p.m.

Thursday: While there is no designated Ladies’ Night on Thursday, it’s always happening at Pacifico for reggae night. You’ll have to rely on your skills and tactics outlined in “The Basics” – you got it girl!

Friday: Crazy Monkey is the place to be. For a small cover, you get free drinks from 10-11 and free shots after 1:30. There are plenty of roaming suitors who will gladly show you their dance moves and the way to the bar.

Saturday: Sharky’s is a great place to start the night. Ladies drink free from 9 to midnight at Sharky’s.

Sunday: The Beach and Pool Crawl a.k.a. SUNDAY FUNDAY is the one and only thing you need to do. You can drink free for a good 7 or 8 hours. It includes four free shots and there are plenty of guys willing to foot your day drinking bill. I’ve gone a few times and there are always bachelor parties a.k.a hot dudes who like to impress their friends and spend a lot of money.

I’d love to hear to your tricks and tips and how mine worked for you, comment below and let me know. Happy drinking!

Written by Roncola Bacardi

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