Some might not consider day drinking an Olympic sport, but the reality is that drinking and partying in the sun for 7 hours is a lot harder than it looks.

The must do Sunday Funday Beach & Pool Crawl  is a “sport” like no other, and I’m here to train you on how to win the gold medal in day drinking.

Pace yourself

You have a lot of stops on the crawl. Nothing worse than throwing in the towel early when there’s more fun to be had. 

Use the buddy system

Make sure your squad has your back. When trouble comes your way (or the ‘spins’ from one too many shots) they’ll be there to support you.

Beer is your friend

There’s a reason people like Coors Light. It’s almost water, and with this much time to drink you’ll be glad you stuck with a lighter beer. 

Shade is good

Everybody wants a nice tan from vacation, but ‘lobster red’ is not en vogue these days.

Enjoy the scenery

Yes, you signed up for this tour to drink, meet cool people, and party. Just don’t forget to soak in the scenery every now and then. 

Bust a move

You just might get lucky on the crawl and find the love of your life, but you got to make a move for that to happen.


If you have any other thoughts for a successful Beach & Pool Crawl leave them below.

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