***Editor’s note. This video was submitted to us by Benjamin Dover, a resident of Uvita****

There has been a lot of online talk recently in my community concerning Envision festival and it’s impact for those of us who live in Uvita and the surrounding area. Many good points have been raised, both for and against the annual festival. As we all know, communication so often takes place today on the web. Perhaps to our detriment. In my opinion, nothing beats face to face dialogue.

However, amongst the noise of the many opinions being voiced online, a music video was shared on Facebook over the Envision weekend. Being a regular reader of the Weekly Crawler and having enjoyed their recent article, ‘Why I’m Not Going to Envision’, I felt compelled to contact them. I thought that both the editorial team and their readers would be interested. I was not expecting them to ask me to write an article but it seems the makers of the video are keeping quiet.

What more to say? Watch the video. It has clearly been made by someone here in the community. Someone who understands that there are two sides to the issue and who has cleverly made fun of both of them!

Benjamin Dover
Uvita Resident

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