Ask yourself one question. What would you do if you came face to face with a real, live Bigfoot, a Sasquatch a Yeti? This is a question one must ask one’s self when traveling through the wilderness of the great unknown that is Costa Rica.

Visualize yourself walking through the dense jungle of Costa Rica. Feel the humidity on your skin. Feel the occasional sun light that peaks through the trees. Hear the sound of howler monkeys, crickets the mosquitos. Legend has it that if you stop and listen just enough you can actually hear the trees talking to each other.

Off in the distance you see a figure. As the sun is setting it makes it hard to make out exactly what the figure is. As you move closer towards the figure you can see the immense size of the figure. You notice the shape of the figure to be very human like, but much, much larger. The closer you move toward the figure which seems to have absolutely no fear; you can see the figure is naked and covered in a thick layer of hair.

Struck with a paralyzing fear you think to yourself, this could be the last moments of my life. The pure exhilaration of standing face to face with a nine foot tall hairy manlike humanoid overwhelms the senses. As you stand there in this moment of truth you suddenly realize that the sense of fear has passed, you sense that you are looking into the eyes of a peaceful, gentle giant creature.

As the giant motions for you to follow it, you follow the “Bigfoot” or “Urgah” as I later came to know her as. She leads you through the dense jungle to a clearing where there is a beautiful waterfall and little house made of sticks, mud and leaves.

Yes I was actually at the home of a real Bigfoot. As I looked around at the little paradise, before I knew it she dove into the water and popped up to the surface with a big smile and good size fish in between her teeth. As she motioned me into the water, I did my best cannonball into the cool fresh lagoon.

After we finished swimming Urgah made a fire from some sticks and flint rocks. She cooked the fish to perfection. She had a blend of the best herbs and spices. During dinner Urgah pulled out what appeared to be some sort of pottery, it was full of a liquid that turned out to be a very strong alcoholic beverage, which I later found out it was also a hallucinogen. As we finished off the liquid, we laughed and talked for an hour or two.

After dinner Urgah went into her house and came back with a woven homemade bag full of what appeared to be herbs of some sort.  As I watched her pull out the long dried leaves, I realized she was rolling what appeared to be a giant cigarette of some sort. I watched as she finished rolling it and dipped the tip of the cigarette into the fire. She took a long puff and then a few small ones. Then she passed it over to me. As not to offend her, I took a nice puff and within moments, I felt to be tuning in to another frequency. I was high. The cigarette along with the effects of the drink left me in a euphoric state. In that moment I felt the jungle come to life. Although it was night I could see the jungle illuminated with a vibrancy I had never experienced before this day. We swam for hours. As we laughed and enjoyed the night, I joined her as she howled at the moon.  Urgah was pretty intoxicated so I helped her to bed. I soon fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning Urgah was gone. I gathered my things. I waited for a while before I walked back to civilization.

That was a night I will never forget, the night I met Urgah, The Bigfoot. I will never forget her. I will never forget that night. Ladies and Gentlemen some may be skeptical about my encounter. I understand this story may seem a bit farfetched. Or maybe not. Maybe there are things that exist. Maybe just maybe sometimes we have encounters that are unexplainable, beyond belief. There is magic in Costa Rica. Magic things happen in magic places to magic people.

We are the music makers; we are the dreamers of dreams.

To be continued…

-Sonny Drivesdale

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