Millions of dollars are spent each year trying to solve the world’s greatest problems like curing cancer, ending hunger and sending a man to Mars.

While these are all noble endeavors, perhaps the greatest achievement the human race has achieved is the rum & coke in a can.


Not until I moved to Costa Rica did I discover what may be the capstone of achievement for any society in the world.

There’s always the problem of wanting a mixed drink at the beach, but not wanting to deal with the sand, the sun, and the possibility of alerting the authorities as you furiously mix your mojito, pina colada, or cuba libre together.

Fortunately, one man has solved all these problems in a simple, yet elegant way.

The pre-mixed cocktail in a can.

Everybody has their opinion about which concoction is the best. For me, it’s the Rum & Coke.

Whatever your preference, lets raise our tin cans, to the man, who came up with a plan, to put the rum and coke, in a can.

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