Hola! My name is Fleur and you might know me from the front desk of Sunset Hostel above the Super Compro, you know the supermarket that sells that delicious Arizona carrot juice in the class bottles? Anyway, even though this is my first experience with working at a hostel, I have stayed in plenty all around the world and it feels like you always meet these five types of people

The lads-on-tour lad

So this is my favorite least favorite! The ”Lads on Tour” concept is basically young men from the Great Britain going to fiesta destinations like Thailand to get dangerously drunk, do drugs and get ugly tourist tattoos. Sounds like a possible future husband right? So how do you recognize to avoid? I mean, unless you are into this kind of guy, and then no judgment! But for all you other ladies out there, look out for big and poorly done tattoos, the smell of gin and tonics and if he always travels in large groups, four or more guys, he is definitely a lad on tour. Oh, and of course he has to be english, but I hope you’re with me this far.

That drunk girl

Like at every party, you must have that one drunk girl at a hostel. No matter the weather always wearing a cropped top, have a ‘spiritual tattoo’ like a dream catcher or Ohm, but never in her life meditated. Usually very young, is an advocate for eating vegetarian and environment friendly, but you always see her eating McDonald’s before passing out in the common area. Belly piercing, check, and likes Rihanna. You always feel like she is hitting on you, but maybe it’s just because she is always laughing at your jokes or anything else you say. She’s fun to go out with, but she’ll disappear as soon as you get to the club with a local. Brags about all the places she went and thinks she might be a hairdresser when she gets back. Back to where you ask ”I know right hahaha”

The lone wolf

That one guy that travels alone, probably have been on the road for quite some time already, brought a bunch of books and quickly makes friends with everyone. And of course gets with every beautiful girl in town, well except for that one week his girlfriend came to visit. How to recognize him you say? He is probably your good friend, but you don’t really know why. Actually you know nothing about him, and when you finally learn his name, he’s already on his way to Panama.

Your dad

Not your actual dad, but a guy your dads age that bought himself a nice backpack, a hip pair of sunglasses and told your mom he would just go out for cigarettes real quick. Naw I’m joking! But you do have a weird feeling, he is supposed to be somewhere else. Like at work? Always goes to bed early and complains often about how ”there are so many young people here”. Almost always very nice though, asking you questions about your school back home or if you have a special someone, like people that age are apparently supposed to. Acts surprised about everything you tell him about your traveling experiences so far. Young people these days!


That’s pretty much all you’ve ever heard her say. She is always looking down, like she’s afraid to step on someone’s chihuahua, and like your dad you are a little confused about why she is here. She is so uncomfortable about her being, it even makes you awkward. Never goes out, never drinks, never smokes, only laughs nervously and never ever shares any personal information. Wears glasses and have short hair, a bit overweight (calm down now feminists) but in a cute way (we good?) and you actually really wanna talk to her, but at the same time you are afraid if it would make her cry. If you are lucky enough to crack her shell, suddenly a beautiful butterfly comes out and you’ll be keeping in touch until Facebook no longer exists, so like always I guess.

Remember that even if you meet people on your journey in Tamarindo that fits these quirky stereotypes, strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet!

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