Usually when booking a trip it’s the flight prices that detour people away. WELL folks, now you have no excuse! We found you some deals for June. Now it’s time to tell your boss, pack your bags, and finally cross Costa Rica off of your bucket list!

England….cross the pond and get your butts to Costa Rica….it has little rain showers now that we’re in green season so you’ll feel right at home! For 279 pounds you can be drinking beer under the sunshine, taking naps during the afternoon rain, and watch a mind blowing sunset.

Texans…..I’ve had longer naps than the direct flight time from Houston to Liberia. You’ll be used to the Costa Rican heat and be able to adapt quickly with an ice cold beer and palm trees. See you soon!


Las Vegas….finding good flights is a gamble….get it? Anyway, get out of the desert and into the rainforest! For $417, it kind of leaves you no choice but to see what this Pura Vida stuff is all about!

New Orleans….we know you’re not afraid of a good time. For $414 you can be here with a piña colada and your toes in the sand. Don’t be afraid of a little layover, it gives you time to stretch and in the end, it saves you money!

Canadians….$310??? Wow, skip happy hour for a week and your flight is paid for. Come see us and spread your good old friendly vibes. You won’t be sorry for this one!

Paradise is waiting for you!! See you soon.

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