If you can’t get enough of paradise and want to stay a few extra days past your 90 day tourist visa in Costa Rica, expect to pay some fines.

Beginning on April 20, 2018, Costa Rica immigration authorities will be fining those who stay past the 90 day tourist visa $100 per month that they stay past the visa.

Also, the new law will prohibit re-entry into Costa Rica for triple the amount of time that you are over the 90 day visa if you fail to pay the fine of $100/month.

For example, if you stay 4 months past the 90 day visa in Costa Rica, you’ll pay a fine of $400 ($100×4 months), and if you fail to pay the fine be prohibited from re-entering Costa Rica for 12 months (3 x 4 months).

You can learn more about the new law here and also find out where you can pay the fine if you are over the 90 days.

Another issue to keep in mind is that this law is retroactive back to 2010, so if you are several years over your 90 day visa you could end up owing thousands of dollars to the Costa Rica government.

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