Costa Rica is not just a place, it’s a state of mind.

Pura Vida.

Gallo Pinto.


A visit to Costa Rica changes your soul. Deep down.

It gets to you…

Here are 5 ways Costa Rica changes your soul

1. In tune with nature

Your bare feet hit the sand. A wave crashes over your body. Your soul awakens to the sensation of nature all around you. You won’t forget these moments!

2. Clearer thoughts

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Your mind and soul awaken as you escape from the noise and pollution of your former life. The sound you hear in the inside of barrel pushes the distractions away.

3. Deeper joy

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You go back to a simpler way in Costa Rica. You knew the feeling as a kid, but now your soul is revived each day with these experiences. 

4. Empathy

Sometimes you just sit on a beach and cry. The layers of stress and frustation melt away down here. You’re free.

5. Good vibes

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Your soul is humming now. Almost like a constant song, pulsating, reverberating off the nature that surrounds you.

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