Yes, you read that right. Free!

Here are the details from KLM: (and remember, they fly into Liberia!) If you’re flying another airline check out this handy list of airline surfboard fees

Bring your surf gear on board instead of a suitcase & save costs!

What is in it for me?

When going on a surf trip, you will spend most of your time chasing waves. Now you can choose to take your surf gear instead of a suitcase on all KLM operated flights – and by this make considerable savings!

When taking your surf gear instead of a suitcase on an intercontinental flight, you can bring both your hand luggage and surf gear for free! If you still want to bring a suitcase, you only have to pay for the suitcase.

When taking your surf gear instead of a suitcase on a European flight, you now pay the regular suitcase fee instead of the special fee for surf gear. We advise you to pay this fee online on to receive an additional discount. So what are you waiting for – time to catch the waves!

Reserve for surfing equipment

Because of limited space on our aircraft, you need to reserve for the transportation of surfing equipment as early as possible – no later than 48 hours before departure. You can simply do this on log in to My Trip, go to the ‘Passenger details’ tab and scroll down to ‘Baggage’. Alternatively, you can contact KLM Telephone Reservations

Please make sure that the reservation is confirmed before departure to ensure that you can take your surf gear with you.

Surfing equipment

  • Surf equipment may contain a surf board and must be packed in a surf board bag.
  • Windsurf equipment may consist of a board, mast, sail and boom and must be packed in 1 package, preferably in a ‘quiver bag’.
  • Kite surf equipment may consist of a board and a kite bag and must be packed in 1 package, preferably in a kite bag.

You can bring one of the above sets of surf equipment (packed in one bag) instead of a suitcase. You need to reserve for transportation of surf equipment if it is larger than 107 cm / 42 inch

Your surf equipment (including bag) of max. 300 cm / 118 inch may weight max. 23 kg (50.5 lbs) in Economy Class, and max.32 kg (70.5 lbs) in Business Class.


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