Costa Rica is an amazing place. The land of Pura Vida, a sunny place for shady people, and paradise on earth.

But it’s not all coconuts and rum punch down here. The struggle is real. Here are just a few. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

  1. Nobody ever has enough change or the right change.
  2. Gasoline costs an arm and a leg.
  3. Can’t get a decent cup of coffee.
  4. Imperial and Pilsen are probably the most boring beers in the world
  5. The ghetto truck from the late 1970’s spewing black smoke as your trying to get to the airport but stuck in a line of cars behind it.
  6. Credit Card machines conveniently not working at stores so you have to pay cash.
  7. Places that don’t accept credit cards
  8. Places that screw you on the exchange rate.
  9. Waiting forever and a day for the bill (Yes, I know you have to ask for it!)
  10. Your taxi driver making a random stop to talk to his friends.
  11. Serving red wine ice cold at restaurants.
  12. Booking a flight to an airport in Costa Rica only to find out the airport is no longer in operation the day before your trip (true story!)
  13. Horse poop all over a pristine beach.
  14. Being asked for the thousandth time if you need weed or blow.
  15. No Amazon Prime delivery.
  16. Dirt roads in rainy season a.k.a. a muddy river
  17. Dry roads in dry season covered in molasses that sticks to every part and smells.
  18. Sunscreen that costs more than a bottle of wine.
  19. Used cars that cost 5x as much here compared to the states.
  20. Having to schedule your showers because of the water shortage.
  21. Howler monkeys waking you up at 5am. (That one was fun in the beginning, not so much any more!)


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