Never carry water jugs again

One of the great things about Costa Rica is that the tap water is fine to drink, but sometimes depending on where you live the tap water tastes a little funny or is high in calcium.

So, the solution is to buy the 5 gallon water jugs of purified water at the grocery store. This all seems fine unless you don’t have a car and have to walk these water jugs back to your home or apartment.


Fortunately there’s a service in most towns in Costa Rica that will deliver these 5 gallon jugs directly to your home or apartment’s doorstep for even less than what you pay for them at the grocery store.

The service in Tamarindo charges 2,700 colones per 5 gallon jug which is about 500 colones less than the supermarkets. Their number is +506-8806-0143

Now you can use that time and energy saves from lugging around water to do more important things like surfing and yoga!


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