Kelly Slater is the latest in a string of celebrities to visit the Island of Costa Rica. Fortunately, he’s much more well liked than the most recent celebrity tourists (Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, etc…)

Kelly’s visited the Rythmia Life Advancement Center a self described “luxury spiritual vacation center” in Guanacaste.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU ALIGN YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT INTO HARMONY AND PEACE. Our team of naturopathic healers, health specialists and spiritual teachers are all working in tandem to create the most integrative programs in the world. Our goal is to continually provide the best healing practices anywhere for a complete mind, body and spirit renewal for each and every person. Our gift is the gift of being able to bring true healing to you, and offer you the setting and tools to do just that.

You can see from the video below Kelly talking about the “miracle” he received at the center.

Kelly also posted to Instagram about his experience at Rythmia and in Costa Rica.

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