This last day in Canada once again, and this time my best friend, my solemate and my spirt twin is with me, her name is Kali, my name is Devyn. We are two girls who left our cold country behind for the injection of  the pura vida.

Kali is a mutt dog, I think of her as a rocking dog though, she lights up everyones day, unless they are cat people. She is a therapeutic dog, so she is very calm, loving, smiley, and knows what people want or need without even taking about it.

So when I lived in Canada I would always tell her that I would find us the perfect place to make her life the best it could be.  No leashes, lots of food, friendly people, the ocean, the sand, horses, dogs, dogs, dogs, and of course many new smells to sniff out too.  She loves it here Tamarindo, Costa Rica was the place to be for that check list to be completed.

I completed the paper work, booked the flight, grabbed our bags, and kissed our great friends and country goodbye. We where off.

We snuggled on the plan together, the flight staff loved Kali, gave her cookies and bottled water, and made sure she felt like a star.  I explained to her where we where going and the new life we had waiting for us.

imageOnce we arrived it was a breeze entering the country with all the papers ready. It was then a quick car ride to Tamarindo and straight to the beach we headed!! Kali ran into the Ocean she was filled with so much happiness that I could hear her yell ” YAY!!!” She rolled underwater and then experienced the salty ocean flavor, that she quickly slapped her tung out trying to spit it out.

We got settled, walked around, and I introduced her to all my friends I met the first year I moved here, as a test to see if it would be a good spot for us long term. And it is.  We have now just passed our one year anniversary living here together. We have our own art business Here now and we are hoping to grow it bigger, so our long term plan here becomes longer.

If you see us girls around, say hi, we love people and love telling our story.

” and if you see me I like being scratched behind my ear, P.S this is Kali speaking, not Devyn” lol


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