I’ve practiced all over and I always run into the same types of people. Love ‘em or hate ‘em they are always there. Chances are if you haven’t done yoga, it’s because you are avoiding these people!
So here they are “the 5 people you love to hate in yoga class” and I should probably just go ahead and add me in for number 6 since all my fellow yogis will love to hate me after reading this article.
1. The competitive yogi girl who arrives early and stays late to show off her handstand or headstand skills. Ok we got it – take a seat!
2. The spiritual, earthy yoga guy who wears women’s capris to class. Dudes and spandex = no!
3. The pretty girl who manages to leave hot power vinyasa without a drop of sweat on her and with perfect makeup. Meanwhile you look like you jumped in a pool and have mascara dripping down your face. Not fair!
4. The muscle dude with a man bun (he probably just came from crossfit) who puts his mat so close to yours that your getting showered in his sweat throughout class. Seriously buddy!
5. The mousey teacher who doesn’t have a presence or make you feel inspired about class. Next time, namaste in bed!
If you practice yoga, let me know who you love to hate in class.
Written by: Kale Yogi

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