Costa Rica has two seasons, rainy season and dry season, or as the locals call it winter and summer. The rainy season is also referred to as the green season because of the effect of all the rain on the plants.

It can rain a lot during the “winter” here in Costa Rica, but there are some good reasons to visit the country during the rainy season.

1. Less tourists

The rainy season sees significantly less tourists than the dry season. Beaches are less crowded and restaurants and bars require no reservations.

2. Cheaper Accommodations

Hotels run some amazing specials during the green season, with rates up to half off what they would be during the peak dry season time.

3. Cooler Temperatures

During the 6 months of the dry season, it does not rain. Because of this, the sun can be extremely hot. Fortunately during the green season the rain has a cooling effect on the Costa Rican land.

4. Better Surfing

The rainy season welcomes the south swell that gets places like Pavones firing up, a spot that is usually quiet during the dry season.

5. Inexpensive flights

Round trip flights during the rainy season can be found for $400 or less from many places in the U.S.

6. No dust!

With all the rain coming down during green season, dust is no longer the problem it is during the dry season.

Add your own reasons in the comments section below.

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