Living in Costa Rica may have many advantages. One of the main reasons is the beautiful places you can visit within just a few hours drive: tropical beaches , volcanoes, and lowland rainforest. I have lived in Costa Rica my whole life, and, personally, I think it’s one of the most diverse and beautiful countries I have ever seen so far.

Through my friends and social networks, I’ve seen the reviews and comments about the famous festival they do here every year, called Envision. Through my friends’ experiences and pictures that I’ve seen, I have shown an interest in going for several reasons.

  1. Photography. I love to take pictures. My favorite techniques are landscapes and macro. Envision is filled with color, amazing decoration, and many different cultures of people who come from other countries. My main reason for going to this festival is for the same reason. I want to have more pictures with faces besides Costa Rican people and get some abstract or landscape pictures for wallpapers or wall frames. What my friends and family know me for, is taking pictures of the moon. I’m taking a picture of every single face of the moon to make a collage. Since this festival would be at the beach, it’s a great opportunity for me to take photos of the moon. Eventually, the moon will be close to the horizon and become bigger so I can take a better shot.
  2. Concerts. I love music, and this year, many people that I love will come and play. For example, The Human Experience, Patterns, Sonambulo, Santos y Zurdos, Melissa O, DeFunk, and my favorite, Javier Portilla. I dance with my hula hoops every time I go to a concert and fill myself with  peace and meditation from all the music that I love. It would be a great experience for me to dance with many people that do the same.12654285_813449592100785_9187216653006133993_n
  3. Friends. I know many friends of mine that live in Costa Rica and other countries are coming over to live the experience, but I love to meet new people, share their experiences, as I would share mine with them. Communication between human beings is the key to life. Nowadays, we are so caught with our cellphones and social networks that we tend to forget to live our lives. I love to go to social events and be excited when someone new starts talking to me, find new things to do, and learn about different people. Becoming more diverse and understand the reason why we are in the world, makes me thrilled for a better life.12654112_813473232098421_2306098123398085248_n
  4. Activities. My friends love to go to Envision because of the many activities that they do besides playing music 24/7. They have yoga classes, art installations, educational workshops, organic meals, stores with unique manufactures, and many other places to visit around like waterfalls, other beaches, and rivers. I love to explore new things in life and art is my passion. This festival will make me explore different types of art and cultures that will be around the event. I will also be sharing my art through the festival to get different opinions from new people.

If I do take really awesome pictures and document everything as possible, I’m hoping to talk to the national news TV center here in Costa Rica, called Teletica, so they can share the experience of a young woman going to Envision for the first time. I believe since we are all in the media world, we should spread the word that our generation is changing and looking into better ways to integrate people from around the world in one place.

Envision is the perfect place to celebrate our human potential. There are many people from different cultures that live together for almost a week and inspire everybody to be themselves and who we really are. I, personally, want the new and old generations to see what our generation will create, do, and change through spirituality, art, and a true connection with nature.

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