By the time election day rolls around on November 8th, half of you reading this article are going to be extremely disappointed.

You’ll wake up knowing in your heart that the United States is on the road to economic and societal destruction.

But, instead of getting mad, vote for Costa Rica.

Grow a pair and get the hell out of the United States if your candidate doesn’t win.

Don’t promise to move to Canada! (It’s way too cold there, plus I’ve met so many Canadians in Costa Rica you’ll get to enjoy their culture down here minus the polar bears and boring hockey games)

Costa Rica IS on the ballot this election year.

And let’s be honest…

Do you really want to hear your mom yelling at you for the next 4 years???

Or a guy who might possibly turn the White House into a hotel…


Vote for Costa Rica this year and you’ll get this, GUARANTEED!


Costa Rica is a country with a mix of policies.

No military, low property taxes, large social welfare programs, strong borders.

You’re bound to find something you like here.

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