Whether you’re getting work done in the United States for the first time after living in Costa Rica, or you’re moving to Costa Rica and having work by a contractor done there after getting used to the United States, there are some very real differences that you should be aware of between the contractors. While contractors in general are very like one another, even between countries, contractors in Costa Rica do some things differently than those in the United States. Take the time to understand those differences before hiring a contractor to do work for you, and you’ll end up with more realistic expectations.


Wooden construction, vinyl siding and wooden flooring are all very common in the United States, but many of these materials aren’t used as heavily in Costa Rica. Often tiles and stucco are the primary components of homes in Costa Rica, and contractors rely on different building techniques to put these homes up. Not only that, but there is a different timeline when building out of these materials. US residents will have to prepare themselves for a different timeline if they are used to contractors in the United States, which means they may have to wait a bit longer for the houses to be complete. Contractors in both countries are very similar, but it’s common to see some differences, especially in the materials that are used for construction.

Building Codes

Costa Rica is quite a bit different than the United States and there is a different set of building codes in Costa Rica that the local contractors need to follow. The contractors have different expectations and different work strategies when it comes to building homes or businesses in Costa Rica, and that’s something that you’ll have to adapt to as a person in Costa Rica. When moving to Costa Rica or having a project completed there, it might be best to work with a contractor that started in the United States and later moved to Costa Rica. Such a contractor can offer you terms that you understand and make the building process easier for you overall.


When looking to hire a contractor in the United States or in Costa Rica you’ll have to keep in mind many of the same considerations. It’s up to you to track down high quality contractors that are going to do a good job on your project and offer you quality results. That means checking contractor reviews, talking with locals and familiarizing yourself with the different options available for contractors. Don’t just hire the first company that talks to you, but instead make sure that you are dealing with a fair and reliable contractor, whether you’re getting help building a home in the United States or in Costa Rica.

Now that you know some of the differences that you can expect between contractors in Costa Rica and the United States, you can use that knowledge to help you make the most of your work with contractors and end up with results that you like.

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