$261 round-trip flights to Costa Rica from Canada (January and February 2019)

If you’re still looking to get down to Costa Rica, United Airlines has some amazing deals out of Toronto Canada.

$261 ($356 CAD) for round trip flights from Toronto into Liberia, Costa Rica.

Lot’s of good availability for January and February.

Here are some of the dates available:

3rd-10th Jan
3rd-13th Jan
8th-16th Jan
8th-17th Jan
8th-19th Jan
9th-16th Jan
9th-17th Jan
9th-19th Jan
10th-17th Jan
10th-19th Jan
12th-19th Jan
14th-21st Jan
14th-22nd Jan
14th-23rd Jan
14th-24th Jan
14th-27th Jan
14th-28th Jan
15th-22nd Jan
15th-25th Jan
15th-26th Jan
20th-27th Jan
20th-28th Jan
21st Jan – 4th Feb
22nd-29th Jan
22nd-31st Jan
22nd Jan – 4th Feb
23rd Jan – 5th Feb
24th Jan – 7th Feb
25th Jan – 4th Feb
28th Jan – 5th Feb
28th Jan – 6th Feb
29th Jan – 5th Feb
29th Jan – 10th Feb
30th Jan – 6th Feb
30th Jan – 7th Feb
31st Jan – 12th Feb
1st-10th Feb
3rd-10th Feb
3rd-11th Feb
5th-12th Feb

The flights are operated by United Airlines and most have a short stop in Houston, Texas.

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